Straj comprehensive products provide the tools required by your Bank to increase customer satisfaction, attract and retain customers, and grow your bank with our innovative approach to technology and service integration options. Some of our products are enumerated below:

Fixed Asset System (Fixed Asset Management System fully integrated with Temenos T24/T24forMCB). It supports both single and multi-company accounting concept.

A multi-company compliant Human Resources and payroll software seamlessly integrated for banks using Temenos T24/T24forMCB.

This is a robust teller application developed and incorporated into T24 or T24forMCB Banking Software for handling some specific transactions for Rural Banking. It supports netbook, android and GPRS technology with both offline and online functionalities. It allows basic functions such as new customer creation, cash deposit, balance enquiry, cash withdrawal, cash transfer, bills payment, loan repayment, etc.

sSWITCH provides financial institutions an opportunity to offer real-time 24x7x365 electronic transaction processing. sSWITCH is the payment system developed based on the best practices derived from several years of experience in the installation and development of payment systems.

sSWITCH is made up of two tightly coupled solutions jPTS(the switch) and jCARD(the Card Management System-CMS). Its modularized design and java-based architecture make it possible for savvy payment organizations and intuitive investors to deploy it in Acquiring, Issuer or both modes; and decide on the Operating system of their choice - Unixes, Linuxes, Windows.

sSWITCH is PCI compliant and our team of experts is available to help you during the certification process.

ISO-8583 Communication Manager (ISOLink)

(ISOLink) is an ISO8583 bridge to integrate any legacy banking and in-house applications to card payment gateways locally, nationally, and worldwide.

ISOLink is a multithreaded and a multiplexed java-based application designed to operate independently of any banking/financial application system.

It is designed to connect to different ISO8583 based card platforms. It establishes communication between Card/ATM application server (like Postillion, CompassPlus, Tietonator, NET1, BASE24, Fundamo, eTranzact, etc) and banking applications (eg TEMENOS T24/T24forMCB). It can be configured to connect multiple Card/ATM application to a single in-house application, and vice-versa. ISOLink is presently being used by our clients to connect their T24 applications to several Card/ATM switches.

Straj Mobile Banking solutions (sMobile) is a fully integrated remote banking solution designed to fulfill the ever-rising needs of banks. Straj sMobile is platform-independent and can be integrated with any banking and other in-house applications.

This solution is a fully integrated remote banking solution designed to fulfill the ever-rising needs of banks. Straj sMobile brings banking to the fingertip of Banks’ customers. With sMobile, customers can perform a wide range of query-based transactions from their mobile phones.

Straj has developed bespoke SMS transaction alert solution for Temenos T24™ / T24forMCB. This module automatically generates XML-based alert messages for every defined transaction that takes place on the banking application.

The solution is fully configurable to ensure that the Bank is in full control to define permitted transaction types and manage customer subscriptions.

The solution will interface to any mobile banking application for sending of SMS through the desired gateway

Straj e-Courier (e-Courier) is an electronic delivery system designed to enable companies to provide their customers with timely information in a cost-effective manner. e-Courier provides an avenue for organizations to electronically deliver alerts and notifications to customer email boxes in the cheapest form of communicating with customers.

Straj e-Courier has been deployed by financial institutions on a wide range of applications, e.g. Notification Alert, e-statement, intra-day statement. e-Courier also has its application on Pay Slip and Bill presentments

It is an application that enables automated printing of cheques through input or import from a file, management of payee and customer, automated bank reconciliation, and cheque batch printing, etc, in order to reduce errors associated with these activities when carried out manually in an organization. It has the strength of utilizing existing materials such as printed cheque booklet,  laserjet printer, Epson printer, etc.

This is designed to simplify information discovery and analysis. With StraIntel, businesses earn a competitive advantage by intelligently using the available data in strategic and effective intelligent decision making.